A huge thank you to Jude and the team at Optimal Resourcing for the fantastic work done in supporting the end-to-end transformation of our talent space. In these challenging times, having an efficient and future-proofed recruitment function is critical. An absolute pleasure to work with, Optimal Resourcing made navigating this complex space very easy.

Tony G - HR Director

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Our workforce projects focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities:

  • workforce strategy (immediate to five year plans),

  • leadership (succession planning, coaching, development, assessment),

  • service delivery (outsource, insource, offshore, centralise, analysis & build),

  • recruitment (unbundled or full service recruitment process outsourcing implementation and delivery),

  • development (capability review, uplift, training, coaching, formal, informal),

  • retention (risks, critical roles, critical people),

  • processes (optimise, simplify, automate),

  • technology (map, review, train, implement, automate),

  • transformation (teams, functions, organisation-wide),

  • restructures (business continuity, external redeployment, organisation, function or team),

  • analytics (reporting, automation, data mapping, governance),

  • mergers & acquisitions and

  • sustainability across all industries and geographies.


We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic approach. 

Our expert facilitators advise on the advantages and disadvantages of key people decisions and help to develop strategies to lower risk and improve ROI.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Understand, analyse and forecast internal and external influences to connect your business strategy to your HR and people activities. Assess the gaps and determine your priorities to manage risk and ensure you have the right people with the right skills in the right places when you need them.

Our 3-2-1 Workforce Roadmap is a simple 3 step process to start your planning

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Skills analysis and gap identification;
Delivery Model review:
Employer Branding & Marketing; Employer Value Proposition; Process Optimisation.

We work with you to build your retention and acquisition plans based on ensuring you have the right people in the right places with the right skills and are seen as an employer of choice in the market

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People Strategy

Align your business and people strategies to improve employee experience, position you as an employer of choice and have a direct impact to your bottom line.

Our team are perfectly placed to help you connect your strategies and position you for the future

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Post-merger Integration

Align the cultures, combine capabilities, maximise synergies, maintain momentum, manage compliance and increase your competitive advantage.

Managing change and optimising your workforce will deliver the value expected from the merger and/or acquisition.

Our implementation team support you with all aspects of the change

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Service Delivery Model Optimisation

How much better, smarter or faster could you deliver your resourcing activities?

We help you to automate, outsource or offshore activities that are not your core focus; or identify opportunities to share services and update technology.

This is how you make your strategy happen

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Your employer brand exists in the market whether there is effort and focus behind it or not.

Bottom line impacts of a strong employer brand include increased retention, engagement and productivity and more qualified applicants applying for your roles.

Our employer branding & marketing experts can design and implement proactive solutions to keep you competitive

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Analytics &

The power to gain factual insights into your workforce and make decisions based on data is a necessity to deliver value to your business.

Our data analytics team will work with you to identify the metrics you need, gather the data directly from your systems, transform it automatically and visualise it in a way that your team can easily understand and use

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Workforce Development

Learning, coaching, performance management, succession and career development planning all link to retention of your critical talent.

Our experts can tailor programmes to grow and develop your team and to build the skills and diversity you need for the future

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Most organisations only utilise 30% of the capability of their current systems! We work with you to scope your actual requirements, map your current technology, integrate where possible to remove swivel seating, identify additional capability in your current technology, select new technology and implement the system changes required to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution

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Organisations that take the time to examine and improve their foundational processes before a technology or service delivery model change, can build a stronger foundation for transformation and deliver more meaningful value to the business.

We work with you to simplify, standardise and optimise your processes before any other major changes are undertaken

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