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Online Training Courses

Digital Training available for individuals or your whole team. Our courses can be completed on any device, anywhere, at any time. They are interactive and require an 80% pass rate for completion.


Our training can be completed any time, any where on any device. Providing flexibility within your workforce. 


All our courses provide comprehensive training to ensure your business is compliant, with a 80% pass rate for all courses. Courses can be purchased for individual development or for whole businesses. 


All training is interactive, engaging and uses multi-modal learning. With downloadable tools for future reference and use.

A Safer Workplace:
Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment
(Mining Industry)

The course contains six sections with interactive knowledge checks throughout, downloadable PDF's, links to external resources and a final quiz at the end. Learn more in the video below. 

 Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, Equity & Inclusion

Organisations across all sectors are recognising that inclusion and diversity are critical in growing strategically as a business.


Providing inclusion and diversity training to your team will not only help to address the risk of potential discrimination and harassment claims, it will support you in creating an inclusive workplace that will engage and motivate your employees, directly impacting your bottom line.

Topics covered:

  • why diversity is important

  • workplace discrimination and harassment

  • bullying

  • recognising discrimination in the workplace

  • stereotypes and bias

  • taking a proactive approach to avoid discrimination

  • inclusive communication

People Management Fundamentals

Aimed at taking the mystery out of managing people, this practical training will help your team leaders and supervisors provide feedback, manage performance and start to build their leadership capability.

Over 85% of new managers have had no training to enable them to lead a team of individuals.

Our new People Management Fundamentals training will fix that gap.

At the end of this course, your leaders will be able to:

  • Establish direct relationships

  • Set context

  • Set specific expectations

  • Understand teamwork

  • Manage performance

  • Review & recognise performance

    • Address poor performance

    • Manage development

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