**June 2021 expanded bullying section now included!


Organisations across all sectors are recognising that inclusion and diversity are critical in growing strategically as a business.


Providing inclusion and diversity training to your team will not only help to address the risk of potential discrimination and harassment claims, it will support you in creating an inclusive workplace that will engage and motivate your employees, directly impacting your bottom line!


Topics covered:

  • Why diversity is important
  • Workplace discrimination and Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Recognising discrimination in the workplace
  • Stereotypes and bias
  • Taking a proactive approach to avoid discrimination
  • Inclusive communication


Offering an effective method to create understanding of discrimination and harassment, and encourage inclusion, our online training is available for immediate access.

Available directly through our portal or your own Learning Management System, we have pricing options to suit all business sizes and requirements.


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    Available in SCORM format for upload to your internal LMS - contact us for further information and pricing

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    You will receive a PDF file with an embedded link to the course.

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