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Leverage our decades of leadership in strategic resourcing. 

Starting by understanding the work you need delivered, we build a picture of what workforce capabilities you require to service your customers.

We help you understand what might need to change between today and tomorrow and then build a plan to close those gaps through upskilling, reskilling, rightsizing, locations, suppliers, remuneration and benefits or performance rewards, recruitment, engagement and technology.

We'll provide insights and practical solutions to your current challenges and work with you to build a tailored, scalable workforce blueprint customised for your business.

Unlock the potential of your business.


Our fixed-fee, retained support model ensures transparent pricing and predictable budgeting.

  • Dynamic Starter Package

    Every month
    Dedicated 10hr/month Expert Support
    • Tailored for Startups and Small Organisations
    • Ideal for Occasional Guidance
    • Three Month Minimum Term
    • Support Recorded in Hourly Segments
    • Remote and On-Site Assistance
    • Annual Plan: Save 10%
    • Seamless Transition to Accelerator Plan
    • Bonus Templates and Resources Access

    Growth Accelerator Package

    Every month
    Access 20hr/month Expert Assistance
    • Designed for Regularly Evolving Businesses
    • Your External Senior Advisory Partner
    • Hybrid Remote and On-Site Support
    • Complementary to Your In-House Team
    • Minimum Three Month Term
    • Easy Upgrade to Enterprise Plan
    • 12-Month Subscription: Get 10% Off
  • Enterprise Empowerment Package

    Every month
    Get 30hr/month Executive-Level Support
    • Tailored for Orgs Needing Regular Assistance
    • Fills the Gap without Hiring an FTE
    • Harmonizes with In-House Team or Solo
    • Minimum Three Month Term
    • Blend of Remote and On-Site Services
    • Additional Time @ $250/hr Beyond 30 hrs
    • 12-Month Subscription: Enjoy 10% Off
    • Access Premium Workforce Document Templates

*Retainers do not include operational recruitment - please ask for our placement and RPO fees

Whether you're a start-up carving out your path or an established enterprise, our seasoned resourcing strategists are prepared to become an integral part of your leadership team.

Frequent communication, dependable service, and specialised knowledge - we've got it all.

We recognise that your business's workforce needs are as distinctive as your vision and objectives. That's why we've developed 3 tiered support packages to align with your business size and the degree of assistance required.
Regardless of the package you choose, you'll have our strategic r
esourcing specialists on speed dial, offering insightful and pragmatic advice to resolve your workforce challenges.
This gives you the freedom to concentrate on your business, knowing your resourcing strategy is under expert guidance.


Optimal Resourcing’s Workforce Planning audit and evaluation provided a clear gap analysis of our talent management maturity. Jude and her team prepared a roadmap that detailed specific improvement activities for us to implement.
They applied a pragmatic approach that was supported by relevant expertise, and delivered an excellent outcome. I would not hesitate to use them again.


Optimal Resourcing’s change management capability enabled us to pivot and work within the challenging parameters of COVID-19 as it emerged. They were able to identify impacts early, allowing us to train and transition the work well within the confines of the contract end-date.
Optimal Resourcing’s positive attitude, expertise and ability to change approach and work within those constraints was impressive.


A huge thank you to Jude and the team at Optimal Resourcing for the fantastic work done in supporting the end-to-end transformation of our talent space. In these challenging times, having an efficient and future-proofed recruitment function is critical. An absolute pleasure to work with, Optimal Resourcing made navigating this complex space very easy.

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