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We help organisations increase their bottom line by optimising their single biggest asset.

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Optimal Resourcing is a Workforce Solutions consultancy, specialising in helping you forecast and build a workforce that will transform your organisation.

From finding the right people, developing the right 
behaviours, skills, systems and structures, to keeping your people focussed on the right work to deliver your strategy; our team of partners and specialists support your everyday: today, tomorrow and into the future.

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Consulting and Projects

With 30 years experience in designing and implementing people-focussed strategies and structures, our consultants are experts in helping companies respond to industry transitions and stay competitive.

We help your team focus on the RIGHT WORK and offer additional flexibility and cost-savings through our subscription packages.

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Recruit the RIGHT PEOPLE 
through our Placements team.

Supported by our extensive network and experience, our team can provide confidential recruitment solutions to support your immediate and future talent acquisition requirements.

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Develop the RIGHT BEHAVIOURS with practical tools and resources to understand your people and help them to grow.

Make an immediate impact with our online training, psychometric assessments and employee management document templates.

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Discovery Session

We start every project with a Discovery Session.
partner with you to build a customised plan to implement a scalable, capable workforce that changes and adapts as your business evolves and grows.



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Optimal Resourcing’s Workforce Planning audit and evaluation provided a clear gap analysis of our talent management maturity. Jude and her team prepared a roadmap that detailed specific improvement activities for us to implement.
They applied a pragmatic approach that was supported by relevant expertise, and delivered an excellent outcome. I would not hesitate to use them again.

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Optimal Resourcing’s change management capability enabled us to pivot and work within the challenging parameters of COVID-19 as it emerged. They were able to identify impacts early, allowing us to train and transition the work well within the confines of the contract end-date.
Optimal Resourcing’s positive attitude, expertise and ability to change approach and work within those constraints was impressive.

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A huge thank you to Jude and the team at Optimal Resourcing for the fantastic work done in supporting the end-to-end transformation of our talent space. In these challenging times, having an efficient and future-proofed recruitment function is critical. An absolute pleasure to work with, Optimal Resourcing made navigating this complex space very easy.

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