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Has your company’s experience with off-shoring been so bad that it turned to shit-shoring?

Jude Mahony’s has, and in Offshoring or Not-sure-ing, Jude uses her experiences with offshoring, outsourcing, and centralising to ensure that you stay out of trouble when transitioning work from one team to another.

Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing is a how-to guide that presents tools for planning, managing, and implementing shared services, and strategies for reducing risk when launching new service delivery models.

Gain the practical knowledge you need to:

  • understand why your business needs structural change

  • identify the work involved in centralising your business

  • give you the confidence to make the changes yourself

  • recognise savings and reduce frustration using real-life examples.

Presented in striking colour, Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing is a must-have book for business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, and service-delivery professionals.

"Organizations increasingly operate as networks with distributed operations.  Making this off-shoring work requires new insights, tools, and techniques.  Jude masterfully lays out benefits, risks, policies, actions, and processes for effectively managing this emerging organization, all with stimulating language and inspiring stories."
~ Dave Ulrich